Tell Tales and Hyde and Seek


Tell Tales was an enjoyable intimate evening spent listening to two storytellers tell six folk parables from all corners of the earth from how the Vulture in Nigeria became bald to fingers of fire from New Zealand to Demons in Miami continuously being cast out by Angels and how Islands in Scotland are a backbone of a Dragon and best not to mention the Elephant in the room …just in case he passes judgement. The tales had interludes of African solo drumming which added to the simplistic clean nature of the event. These traditional tales are a direct nod to the age old tradition of stories and folklore. The last tale was one of sadness as we as a population of people need to keep telling the stories of our wise forefathers, look after our World or they will have no space to thrive and so die and may come back and seek revenge…climate change anyone? Traditional fables like this rely heavily on the earth around us and the animals and their anthropomorphism in these tales is testament to that. My only reservation is that I would have liked to have taken my children to this as a day event and for the evening tales to have taken on a more mature twist.

‘If ever we needed to hear our forefathers speak, now is the time – Tell Tales keep it alive’


Most of us know the Jekyll and Hyde story. Quiet scientist wants to be strong and concocts a potion to transform himself tries to keep it under control – fails miserably.

So this story written by Ben Oldfield with the addition of innovative tweaks such as projection and light/sound effects all controlled by one performer (Michael Tonkin-Jones)with a curious use of foil on the soles of his shoes and foil tramlines on the floor that acted as triggers. Tonkin-Jones played all 7 characters marauding through them all with menace and mischief in mind. Grimacing under ever changing swaying spotlights triggered by an unseen force. The stage was set in an old vaudeville theatre with slightly odd characters coming back and forth with clever use of a just an old white sheet which was multi purpose.The play pivots around poor old Albert the stage hand/caretaker and his loyalty to his master it does not linger on duality as with the novel but employs something different and unique. We had some comedic touches with ventriloquism and puppetry reaching a crescendo at the end with a series of police puppets getting a seeing too which had the audience in laughter and do look out for the Punch line at the end. Excuse the pun.

‘An intimate scary close quarters clever tech spec production.’

A Flat Packed Theatre production -touring now

Reviews by TCR Radio -Mid Devon CIC November 2019

Creative Culture South West hosted a weekend of events in conjunction with The Barnfield Theatre,Exeter including improvisation acting and mobile phone filmmaking. Creative Culture South West also hold regular singer/songwriter, comedy and spoken word events for anyone to have a go and have a platform.

Their next event is Burlesque on the 27th November






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