Seven Centuries of English Cooking por De La Falaise, Maxime

October 21, 2019

Seven Centuries of English Cooking por De La Falaise, Maxime

Titulo del libro: Seven Centuries of English Cooking

Autor: De La Falaise, Maxime

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De La Falaise, Maxime con Seven Centuries of English Cooking

Reseña del editor The hundreds of recipes in Maxime de la Falaise's delight-ful book triumphantly attest to the virtues of Anglo-Saxon gastronomy. Rich with the historical sense of taste, this book allows you to cook the rudiments of a medieval royal banquet, an Elizabethan nursery breakfast, or an eighteenth-century tavern lunch. The recipes are divided into five chronological sections, each preceded by an introduction recounting the fashions and the changes in the food and drink of the period; together they provide an overview of the evolution of English cookery. The earliest recipes, dating from the thirteenth century, are presented in their original language (""Take faire Mutton that hath ben roste . . ."") as well as in a modern translation, and all measures and quantities have been updated throughout. Many of the dishes are quite simple to make; others are, quite literally, fit for a king. All together they constitute a delectable, sensual cele-bration of the development of English cuisine.