Bad Role Model: A Corruption Novel por Sadie Thatcher

October 21, 2019

Bad Role Model: A Corruption Novel por Sadie Thatcher

Titulo del libro: Bad Role Model: A Corruption Novel

Autor: Sadie Thatcher

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Sadie Thatcher con Bad Role Model: A Corruption Novel

Sydney Wright tries to do the right thing. She wants to be a good role model. However, a curse from a rival and feuding family sets her life on a strange and new path. Suddenly Sydney finds enjoyment in being selfish. Her corruption spreads to more aspects of her life, financially fed by the family trust she manages, as she makes changes in her life to look and feel her best.As Sydney’s descent continues, she finds herself not only butting heads with the people she cares about, but corrupting the same people she had wanted to be a positive role model for. Can Sydney find her true self again or will she embrace the corruption and create an entirely new life for herself? Find out in Bad Role Model.This 40,000 word novel contains magical mental transformations with descriptions of various sexual acts and breast enlargement. This story has strong adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. All characters found in the following story are 18 or older.Bad Role Model was a commissioned work for a patron and has appeared elsewhere before publication through Amazon.